Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Mom of 3 Boys: Reboot with REBOOTizer ~Review

  Jump start your New Year’s resolutions and ditch the excuses with REBOOTizer, — a naturally powerful, clinically researched, de-stress detox dietary supplement. A blend of seven naturally powerful, antioxidant rich plant and fruit extracts developed in the Alpenrose Clinic in Switzerland, this revolutionary supplement will skyrocket your energy levels, get your skin glowing and maximize your workouts leaving you feeling better today to live better tomorrow. 

REBOOT contributes to a longer, healthier life by effectively combating Oxidative Stress caused by free radicals which over time can cause damage to the cells in the body. Sometimes the body needs a little extra help in processing the excess toxins and free radicals caused by overindulgence, strenuous workouts, hectic traveling, all the necessary evils of modern day living. REBOOTizer addresses these imbalances by assisting liver function to detox and boosting metabolic efficiency, helping you to make more of each day everyday. 

Packaged in ultra convenient portable pouches, you simply pop the pouch to activate the potent blend of fruit and plant extracts and purified reverse water and let your body know you mean business. The beauty of REBOOTizer lies in the greater bio-availability of the mixture compared to other pre-made anti-oxidant drinks on the market. By delivering an instant shot of this potent liquid, you are guaranteed the effects of this powerful, better mind and body booster. To really pack a punch and take the best care of your assets, REBOOT once a day, six days per month as a minimum detox and de-stress regimen. It's time to create that foundation for optimal health and wellness!
The flavor tastes like instant iced tea, which is, in terms of shot products, a much welcomed flavor. Overall, Rebootizer is a very enjoyable product — and it gets extra points for an innovative approach to packaging...it's so convenient, and doesn't take up a whole lot of space!  If your a partier, pop the pouch before bed, and wake up refreshed in the morning...much easier than coffee...Rebootizer does not claim to have any effect on the level of alcohol present in someone's body after having consumed the product.  The consumption of Rebootizer does not allow for driving under the influence of alcohol...  It is simply an anti-oxidant drink that helps detox your body and helps you wake refreshed.  A Revolutionary Drink for the Active Night and Day Life



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